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We have eclectic approach that incorporates a variety of therapeutic principles and philosophies in order to create the ideal treatment and rehab program to meet the specific needs of the client. 

COVID Announcement: Dear clients – Anyone who has cold or flu-like symptoms, such as cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, headaches, weakness, respiratory issues and/or any recent international travel should self-isolate. If any of the above apply, call your family doctor for further advice. We strictly obey the rules of the Government Health officials in Victoria. Be aware, restrictions are serious to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. Please visit Covid Safety website of Victoria. At the moment, we are rendering our clinical services only by appointment.


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NOTE: We are currently closed for maintenance and will be open next year, second week of January. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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AusMedGen Healthcare & Rehab Management.

Trading Name: Ausmedgen H C REHABUpdated 14/jan/2022

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Clients Testimonials

John Saga
Timber Flooring Installer
Jacana Melbourne

I work as a Timber Flooring Installer and get some back pain. Lucky, I found Ausmedgen Pain Relief Clinic and the Senior Physiotherapist, Mr. Nayaz helps me so much. Now, no more back pain. 100% Good Quality Service. I will give 5 stars for Ausmedgen.

Mohd  AEJAZ 
IT Specialist
Wollert VIC

I was suffering with intense LBA Sciatica and Ausmedgen Pain Relief Clinic using their Natural Pain Relief Oil helped me getting better after two sessions. There approach of treatment program was really incredible. I strongly recommend Mr. Nayaz as Senior Physio Remedial  Therapist. 

Zam Angi
Chadstone Melbourne

I am a Nanny of two kids for 1 Year now and I got very severe neck, shoulder, and back pain. I tried Ausmedgen Pain Relief Natural Oil Treatment with their Allied Health Team and they did a very amazing job. They gave me treatment and conducted some neck and shoulder exercise program. I am 10000x better now. I will surely come back and will recommend this clinic to all my friends. Thank you Ausmedgen!