Pain Relief Natural Oil +
Sea Salt Detox Therapy with Covid Precautions in Sanitized Studios

Our Ausmedgen Pain Relief Fusion Natural Oil is a combination of 7 Essential Herbal Oils mixed with various flavors of Sea Salt Detox Therapy helps the body with many health benefits like Keeps you Hydrated, Reduce Fluid Retention, Great Source of Minerals, Balance Electrolytes, Prevent Muscle Cramps, Great For Skin Health, Improve Digestion, Nourishes the Adrenal Glands, and Regulates Blood Pressure. It helps in easing the pain at the same time the sea salts helps detox the skin. Our Pain Relief Natural Oil Sea Salt Detox Treatment goes for 60 minutes to 90 minutes in a Covid Sanitize Clinical Studio with Qualified Physical, Remedial, and Natural Therapist.

For appointments, please call the reception.